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A little about EIB Partners LLC

EIB Partners LLC, began as a mom and pop residential company out of Stroudsburg, PA. EIB eventually evolved into an installer with over 2 MW of installed projects. Since then we have had another transformation as a developer and financier with over a 100 MW of projects in our current pipeline. Just over 10MW of those having secured termsheets in just the first quarter of 2013. Our concentration lies in municipal, commercial and non-for-profit entities.

EIB Partners, LLC. Is a Renewable Energy Developer.

EIB develops, builds, and operates commercial RENEWABLE ENERGY Systems – In Solar, we can use your roofs, available land for ground mounts, and parking spaces for carports, all of which can be financed through a Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Our host clients buy the electricity generated by the solar systems at contractually determined rates that are below the cost of conventional electricity.

We work with bankable EPC’s to design, procurement, engineering, and construct your renewable energy projects, to make the financing process flow a lot smoother.

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract that sells energy generated by the asset at a rate that is held for the duration of the long-term PPA. EIB does the Structure Finance; by securing Tax Equity Partners, Debt Partners, securing permitting and other approvals needed to see the entire project through to completion, in order to comply with the PPA.clouds