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Herbert A. Ortiz

Herbert A. Ortiz

Chief Executive Officer

Herbert Ortiz is a co-founder of Energy in the Bank, and the architect of the model
which currently encompasses Development, Structured Financing and Construction of
renewable energy projects in the NY, NJ, MA, DC, MD, and CT. Mr. Ortiz is responsible
for the newly formed partnership of EIB Partners, LLC which is a limited liability
company owned jointly by the proprietors of Trinity Solar, and has over 100MW of
renewable energy projects currently being financed, constructed and developed.

EIB Partners, LLC d/b/a “Energy In the”, develops Power Purchase
Agreements which enable commercial consumers, institutions and non-for-profits
to obtain discounted electricity generated by renewable energy without any costs
to purchase, install and maintain the system. This works as a hedge against the
future electricity generation and transmission rate increases which are inevitable. We
provide a comprehensive development service which also includes the opportunity for
landowners to establish their own solar projects or lease land suitable for solar energy
to us.

As the CEO of EIB Partners, LLC. ( Mr. Ortiz points out that
the majority of most nations’ nuclear power stations are nearing 40 years of age, thus
making it imperative to apply for a new 20 year extension for their operation. It takes
decades to plan and receive approvals and costs billions of dollars to build new ones.
Building a solar farm allows companies, towns, cities and governments to become
independent from foreign oil and gas energy suppliers. Going into renewable energy will
also create hundreds of construction jobs for qualified renewable energy installers as
well as hundreds of permanent jobs in inspection and maintenance in your respective

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