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We put the pieces of your project together…

EIB’s integrated energy solution combines an on-site clean generation asset, to save customers 10% to 20% by lowering the price they currently pay for energy, by using:
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • CHP (Co-Generation)
On-site generation with no capital investment
EIB supplies customers a cost-saving energy solution that starts with an on-site clean generation assets like a solar system, CHP, or Windmill (depending of geographic location).
By replacing a portion of the energy customer’s purchase at retail with energy purchased from on-site generation, our customers lower the price they pay for energy while creating a hedge against inflation.  Here’s how it works:
  • EIB evaluates each customer’s individual energy needs and recommends a clean on-site generation resource.
  • Working with bankable EPC partners, we oversee development, construction and grid integration.