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What We Do


Renewable Energy Developer:

Curious about what we do?


EIB Partners is a renewable energy developer concentrating on structure financing.   Through our partners we  develop, finance, and construct, in addition to sometimes owning and operating renewable energy systems throughout the United States.  We have working partnerships with investors and financiers and can fund or assist in your funding of  your renewable energy projects, by monetizing the current federal and state incentives, while helping you save on your current electric bill.  The most rewarding aspect both financially and environmentally, is that you will be able to offset your current electricity demand by producing your own electricity on site.
Some of our other financial services include:
  • Technical Financial Modeling
  • Researching, Packaging & Applying for Tax Incentives, Grants, Depreciation & Rebates e.g., SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits)
  • Sourcing: Private and Institutional Finance
  • Packaging Financial Capital Stack
  • Developing Lease and Procurement Pro Forma Operating Statements
  • Negotiating Lease Terms
  • Negotiating Utility Procurement Agreements Exit Strategies
  • Through our working partnerships with investors


  • Tax advantages
  • Increased Real Estate Value
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • 5-7 year paybacks
  • 7% -12% IRRs