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Power Purchase Agreements


 One of the most common forms of financing is the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Power Purchase Agreements are structured by a third party financial institution, where they own and maintain the system for 15-25 years. These institutions directly assume the federal and state incentives. A business buys power from the renewable energy system, for a long term reduced rate, which is lower than its current utility provides. It’s a win-win for the business. The business gains a renewable energy installation with no capital outlay, a reduction in peak demand and an electric bill it can predict for 20 years.  EIB Partners has strong relationships with reputable industry PPA providers, and will work with your business to negotiate the most competitive financing rates.
 Our financial specialists begin by working with detailed financial models that reflect the unique site, engineering, permitting, utility procurement and filing to develop a financial solution that mitigates risk while capturing the maximum usage, efficiencies and incentives, including tax benefits and grants.